Honey is one of the wonderful sweet liquid substances in the world, its produce by bees from the nectar and pollen grain. It contains a lot of enzymes, vitamins, sugar and it’s very nutritious and helps the human body system to function smoothly, apart from been used as food honey is also medicinal and it has the ability to cure a lot of ailments and it can be used to sweeten food in place of sugar, because it contains some minerals which are not present in sugar. Honey contains all the classes of food the body need to function properly because is a complete blood building food.

Honey is found in various local markets and some super market, but a lot of them are diluted or it can also be a mixture of sugar, water and other components. Original honey is hard to get from the open market, you can contact us if you need original honey on the following email


To identify original honey simple test need to be carried out using the following method:

1 deep a stick of match into a honey and strike immediately if it ignite fire it’s good and original honey if it does not ignite it’s diluted.
2 put some water into a glass cup and pour little quantity of honey into it, if the honey goes straight to the bottom of the class cup then it’s original but if the honey is mixed with the water or remain at the top of the water then it’s diluted.
3 honey doesn’t attract insect immediately when pour on the floor if you found insect get attracted to insect you will know it’s not original,

1 To cure common cough add some pieces of grinded bitter kola to a coke bottle fill with honey. Take 2 table spoon times daily.
2 for memory improvement take 2 table spoon of honey twice daily.
3 for boosting of immune system add little quantity of garlic and honey to a glass of warm water drink before going to bed.

4. To increase libido…. etc

For further details and personalized services, call NUSID 08032107827, 08055260262.


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