How unripe plantain cures Diabetics and Iron Deficiencies

Boiled Unripe Plantain Served With Red Fish Stew is ideal for Diabetes and Iron

A Plantain tree
A Plantain tree
Unripe plantain delicacy
Unripe plantain delicacy
Unripe plantain stew
Unripe plantain stew

The nutritional value of unripe plantain makes it stand out as a very important addition to any healthy living diet plan. Believe it or not, plantain is one of the healthiest foods in the world in terms of its nutrient content.

It is reach in low GI carbohydrate, dietary fibre, irons, vitamins and minerals.

BOILED unripe plantain served with red fish stew is tasty, delicious and wholesome dish with so many medicinal/ therapeutic properties.  This nutritious food is  ideal  for  diabetics, children and pregnant women.

It is eaten in almost all the parts of Africa and is enjoyed by both children and adults. Unripe plantain (Ogede dudu ) is the main ingredient of this recipe is very rich in iron, potassium, B- complex vitamins and magnesium. Additionally, plantain contains small amount of serotonin which has the ability to dilate the arteries and improve blood circulation.

It’s regular consumption helps to cure anemia (low blood level) and maintain a healthy heart.

A diet of unripe plantain is filling, and can also be a good inclusion in a weight loss diet plan.

Fish, another main item of this recipe is a highly nutritious food commodity. It is an excellent source of protein  with fewer calories. Fish is rich in omega- 3 fatty acid which has been proven to be good for the heart.

Omega -3 fatty acids helps to lower high blood cholesterol, treat depression, anxiety, eye disorder and ulcer.

Also omega-3 fatty acid is good for weight loss, pregnancy or successful pregnancy, fertility and for treating skin disorders. Vegetables (tomatoes, pepper, onions) used in preparation of this dish is rich in vitamins (vitamin A, C, E), minerals (iron, potassium) and fiber which protect against cancer, constipation, cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis (narrowing / blocking of artery walls due to fat and cholesterol deposit) and premature aging.

You can see that, is a good delicacy that is highly nutritional and medicinal; start taking it from today and you will see the kind of boost your health will receive. You are privileged to travel on vacation this festive seasons to a place where this food commodity is produced, don’t fail to get some.

Now, how do we prepare it.


Fish                 1kg

Fresh tomatoes      8 medium size
Tomatoes               1 tin
Fresh pepper (ground)      2 medium size
Onion            1 medium bulb
Olive oil         3 tablespoons
Tatashe (ground)     4 medium size
Known           1 cube
Thyme            1 teaspoon
Curry leaves    1 small bunch
Water         1 litre


Cut the fish and wash thoroughly.
Steam with few slices of onion and salt for about 10 minutes
Pour the olive oil into a pot
Add the ground ingredients (ground tomatoes, pepper, and onion) together with the tomato puree.
Stir and fry for another 10 minutes.
Add the known cube and pour the seasoned fish.
Wash and shred the curry leaves and add to the pot
Simmer for another 5 minutes
Stir and add salt to taste
Remove from heat and serve with unriped plantain (Ogede dudu).
Peel the unripe plantain
Cut into three and wash
Boil water for 5 minutes.
Add the cut plantains to the boiling water.
Boil for about 30 minutes.
Drain the water from plantain.

Now, mix everything together with red fish stew.

Include this banana-like fruit in your menu list today and try out any of its recipe .

Stay Healthy,

Health is Wealth


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